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Selected media appearances, most recent listed first.

Televised interviews

TV Ontario (TVO), The Agenda with Steve Paikin (9 February 2021) [link to video clip]

CTV National News, Realities of Racism with Angie Seth (23 January 2021) [link to video clip]

The News Forum, Forum Daily with Nima Rajan (21 January 2021) [link to video clip]

Radio and Podcast Interviews

CBC The Current with Matt Galloway (17 May 2021) [link to audio clip]

Newspaper and Magazine Coverage

CBC, Child marriage is 'a hidden crime,' and it's happening in Western nations, says survivor and advocate (22 May 2021)

Thomson Reuters, Thousands of child marriages in Canada spark concern over global leadership (11 January 2021)

L'actualité, Le mariage d'enfants au Canada n'est pas un événement rare, relèvant des chercheuses (15 January 2021)

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